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Restoring Damaged Teeth


A crown or cap is a cover that fits over a tooth that has been damaged by decay, broken, badly stained, or misshaped. It is prepared by our dentist and usually requires more than one visit to complete.

How a crown is done

  1. Our dentist gives you a local anesthetic.

  2. To make room for the crown, your doctor files down the tooth that needs to be restored.

  3. An impression of the filed-down tooth and nearby teeth is taken. This impression is used to custom-make your final crown. The crown is built using restorative material (material used for fillings) based on the impression. The final crown will be the right shape for your mouth.

  4. Until your final crown is ready, your doctor places a temporary crown over the tooth that needs to be restored. The temporary crown is made from an impression of your tooth before it was filed down. It protects your tooth until the final crown is ready. A temporary crown may not have the same shape and colour as a final crown.

  5. On your next visit, your dentist takes off the temporary crown and puts on the final one. Your dentist checks to make sure the crown is the right fit, shape, colour, and bite. If it is, your dentist cements the crown into place.


Different types of crowns

A crown can be made of acrylic, metal, porcelain, or porcelain bonded to metal. All-porcelain crowns look more like your natural teeth and therefore are usually used for front teeth, while porcelain bonded to metal is stronger and better for crowns in the back of the mouth. Sometimes all-metal crowns are used for back teeth because of the metal’s strength. 


What else should I know?

Crowns are strong and generally last for about 10 years or longer if you take good care of them. Brush and floss your crown, just like you clean your natural teeth. Crowns may not be as strong as your natural teeth. So like your natural teeth, remember not to bite down on hard objects or use your teeth to open or cut things.


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